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Forex Signals Copier

Tracked and Verified Performance

Plan: Mazumafxbot Robot

Required Minimum: 1,500 USD
Manage Fee: 0%
Profit Goal: 1,000% return per full year
Subscription Fee: Equal to 30% of the profits plus $1.00*
Brokers: Any MT4 broker
Start Copying: Sign up
Important: risk warning & disclaimer


What are the options for paying?

You have two options for payment using your own broker.

#1 – 25% gain free as a trial and then $100 monthly.

Once your balance reaches 10K we move into a 50/50 partnership and split of profits. Until then these are two options available to get started for accounts under 10K.

#2 – 30% monthly of all new account highs (using the HWM)

Can you sell the EA?

Mazumafxbot I trade manually in order to be able to adjust to various market conditions rapidly. It could only be used through a trade copier. In all honestly nobody would sell a system that performs this well and I would not either.

What is the expected monthly return?

The average return is 30% monthly (which is also the maximum drawdown). The max drawdown is 30% which is also the average monthly gain. Because of the high total return I am comfortable with that as the max drawdown but prefer to keep the drawdown between 15-20%.

30% monthly is a 22,000% return yearly.

The results shown in MyFxbook for Mazumfxbot are of a demo account?

This is a DEMO account, not a REAL one. http://www.myfxbook.com/members/JCLforex/mazumfxbot-robot-ea/854664

I am in the US and because of that I am limited to FIFO rules and no hedging allowed which is the reason this trading is done on a demo account. This way investors can follow me without the limitation of the US FIFO rules and no hedging. This is not short term scalping and all demo accounts use live feeds so the trading is no different. The results are awesome.

I am now with FinFX who allows US clients with no FIFO rules and I also use their money managers systems. More information on that later.

What if my account is under $1,500?

You can follow me on Zulutrade for free. Zulutrade does not use the exact same ratio per trade to the master account which I would want if I was investing a large amount of money. I offer Zulutrade so those using small accounts have the opportunity to grow them.

You can follow Mazumafxbot on this page, https://forexeasignals.zulutrade.com/trader/197528

Are the funds liquid, so I can withdraw profits monthly?

You can withdraw profits at anytime. Anytime funds are deposited or withdrawn only the lot scaling ratio inside the copier settings needs to be adjusted to keep the trades at the correct size proportional to the master account.

I recommend each month that you withdraw 30% of all new profits (equal to the fee) and keep 40% in the account to allow it to continue to grow.

You can withdraw as much or as little as you prefer though.